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Outdoor Family Day


We welcome new members into our spiritual community, and invite you to consider joining our church.

Our members come from a wide variety of spiritual backgrounds and practices while embracing our common Spiritualist Principles.

We encourage and support individual spiritual development and study through sharing and discussion, continuing education, socializing and gathering both on Zoom and in person.


  • Members can vote at our annual business meeting, held every June, to choose a pastor and board members, and on other issues beyond the scope of the board to decide, such as amending the bylaws.

  • You'll receive a birthday card, and a card of support in the mail if you experience a loss or significant challenge.

  • You will receive acknowledgement for your tax-deductible donations, including membership.


  • Agree with our Declaration of Spiritualist Principles in essence, even if you feel more comfortable with slightly different words or phrasing.  Read them on our Home Page.

  • Participate as you are available in Sunday morning programs and other events.

  • Contribute to committees and other support as you are able and available.

  • Attend and vote at the annual meeting.

  • Contribute financially as you are able.

Membership fees and pledges:

  • Suggested Membership donations start at a minimum $30 per year (or if you join after June 30, $15 for your first year).

  • Your additional support can provide for expanded programming and other opportunities for our spiritual community to grow and serve.

  • You are encouraged to set up an automatically recurring donation of your choice so you won't need to remember every week, month or year.


To join or renew:

  1. Fill out the membership form and click the purple "1. Join Now!" button below

  2. Pay for your membership (You have 3 options, so just pick one):

    • Check your email for a welcome message and link to pay for your membership​

    • Pay with the purple "New or Renewal Membership Payment" button below the form

    • Mail checks to PO Box 353, Randolph Center, VT 05061

We are so grateful for your commitment to our spiritual community and generosity!

Membership Form

New membership or renewal
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