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Welcome to Virtual Psychic Readings Day November 12, 2023
1-4 pm

Welcome to our 4th annual online fall fundraising event for Vision of Light, a continuation of the in person psychic fairs held previously at the church.

This year we're featuring Mary Lucille Glynn, Paula Rembisz, Ellen Urman and Paul Hyson, all experienced readers who have participated in our events in the past.  

Scroll down for more details and to register with the reader of your choice.

Here's what you need to know about the event & readings

We offer readings by trained, experienced psychics, mediums and tarot readers in individual sessions via Zoom breakout rooms.

Readings last 15 minutes and cost $20.

You can learn more about our readers by clicking on "Read More" in each listing below.

You will select the reader you want to work with, and you are welcome to sign up for as many as you like!

At the event:

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled reading time.  If you arrive late you may not be able to access your reading as all breakout rooms must be started at the same time.

When you check in for your reading, you will be greeted in the main Zoom room by members of our spiritual community who can help you with any questions you may have at that time.


At your scheduled time you'll be sent into your reading room, and returned to the main Zoom room afterward. 

Contact us with any questions you may have about using Zoom, your reading or our Spiritualist church community by scrolling down to the button at the bottom of this page.

Sign Up for Your Session

About Psychic Readings

"Intuitive guidance brings us to the voice of our soul and the wellspring of divine wisdom.


It is a place within us that gathers strength, hope, and inspiration.


It is a dialogue that speaks of our life’s journey that includes soul lessons in the form of relationships, life themes, the engagement or work we do in the world.


Intuitive guidance can lessen the burdens we place on ourselves and enhance our life passage with optimism, joy and grace."

Psychic readings are mediumistic/intuitive message work directed at giving guidance and lending a spiritual hand.


A bridging of worlds, here and beyond.


It is the responsibility of the person receiving a reading to discern and utilize what is most essential and accurate.


It is a spiritual perspective that is experiential in nature that has been woven into the fabric of life for eons.


The intention isn’t to prove or be disproved, but rather to share a heartfelt love for this work and the clarity, solace, encouragement, validation, comfort and love that it can provide.


There are many things that can be known if we just ask for guidance and there are many things we are not meant to know that need to unfold with time.


The aspects of our life that need unfolding space are places of soul lessons for our development, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

-Mary Lucille Glynn

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