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Community Resources

There are too many amazing options available in our communities in this incredible time of challenge and compassionate outreach to list them all, but here are a few we hope you will find helpful.  Many, if not all, of these resources are available for free, or at a reduced price or sliding scale.


Resources for Healthy Grieving:

Our Vision of Light community has asked for, and received, suggestions for resources for dealing with grief in these difficult times when so many people are experiencing loss, whether the loss of loved ones, losing a job, loss of security and familiarity - all very real and challenging things to process.  Please reach out for help if you need to.


  • Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser

  • On Death and Dying, by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

  • The works of Terri Daniels and David Kessler

  • Local hospitals offer resources for grieveing

Resources for People of Color & Allies:

Compiled by Vanessa M. Bing, Ph.D. Psychologist/Trainer/Educator and shared by Maya Brooks of IFundWomen.

Official Coronavirus & COVID-19 Information:

Federal & State

Spiritualist Resources Online:

Vermont, US & Abroad

Food & Farming / Business Resources:

Farm 2 Plate is a project of the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

Vermont County & Regional Resources:

Financial Resources:

A Fun Personal Finance Blog from Vermont

Meet the Frugalwoods and take the Uber Frugal Week Challenge - it's the Uber Frugal Month Challenge adapted for this unique time

Wellness Resources:

Resources for Families:

Resources for Survivors:

One Stop for Many Resources:

Recovery Resources:

Thanks to Richard Crandall and Effie Cummings for sharing many of the resources in this section.

Fun & Uplifting Resources:

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